Its dark in my living room. I want to turn on a light but I seem to have no energy. Thanksgiving isn’t quite over yet. It seems to have been the longest Thanksgiving day in history.

It was nice to finally be able to sleep in for once though. Unfortunately when I did finally wake up, I found that I had gotten my annual Thanksgiving Day Cold. My throat was aching and my nose just all…ready to explode. So, I got up and put a load of laundry in the wash and went back to bed for a while while they were drying.

At about 2:00, I headed over to Amy’s house, where I got the honor of making the gravy. Now, I LOVE gravy. I think its one of the most important elements to The Meal. So, I had never actually made gravy from scratch before. I love Turkey Dinners but generally the only thing i cook from scratch is the turkey. Everything else is Schillig or butterball, or Green Giant or Stove Top. So, I got out Amy’s recipe book and was surprised at how incredibly easy it was to make it.

So, we sat down to a fantabulously made dinner by Amy, who was beaming at her very first turkey, much less her first Turkey as a wife. In the previous years, traditionally I was the one that made the Turkey Dinners and people came over here. This year, I just have no money for that, but it was nice for once to just be able to sit and relax.

After dinner, we all played a stressful round of Jenga. Yeah have you ever really played that game? Talk about tension! I actually won though. I strategically and safely moved one of the foundation pieces and the next person couldn’t even so much as touch it without it toppling.

Then it was time for, ever-popular-tabby, to head over to the Romero’s for some good Romero-time. I drank a glass of wine and actually liked it for a change. I usually detest wine or champagne, but this stuff was okay. They packed up a sack-full of food and sent me home with it. Before I left, I had an amusingly awkward moment. Mark’s oldest daughter, Ashley, asked if I would spend the night. Of course I wouldn’t have minded actually doing that, but alas I had to tell her no. She didn’t understand why I said no so I explained that I was an adult–and adults don’t really do that. So then she came up with an even better plan. “Well, why don’t I spend the night with you?” I told her to go ask her dad, who said no. So she was a bit bummed out.

I love my friends, they rock when it comes to potentially depressing holidays.

Anyway, I came home, fridged up the food and crawled into bed. Four hours later I woke again, only now I have a fever. I hope its gone by tomorrow at three, so that I can go to work and not having to frantically call around for a replacement. Its so much of a hassle that I’d really rather just work.

In other news, there’s this nail on the wall that’s not holding anything up. My cat really likes to try to remove it with her teeth. Its not going anywhere, its just a strange fixation she has.


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