Me me me!

Well, I know that there may be one or two people waiting for an update, so I figured I’d better update this site. 🙂

I wrote an email about my life to Terra Roper (friend from back in the early college days) and I think it sums everything up so well that I’m just going to post it here for everyone to read….


Well, I’ve *finally* graduated. And then, I did a crazy crazy insane thing. I sold everything I own and moved to Los Angeles.

Yes, I did. I want to be a star! heh, just kidding. The web developing market is much much larger here in LA than in lil spud-land. Conveniently, one of my closest friends and her husband were more than willing to take me under their wing until I could find a place of my own…and…well, i guess a job.

In fact, Rebecca has a III-Phase plan for my life. Its quite funny. Phase I was getting me a job. I got a job within ONE WEEK of being here. That’s not true–I got an interview (the first and ) within one week, landed the job a week later. I’m working at an advertising agency in Santa Monica, doing web development and network administration. Its a great great job. I just spend the entire weekend (20 hours on Sunday alone) pulling off the most insanely well-done last-minute powerpoint presentation for Disney. Needless to say, I feel proud of my work 😉 Phase II was getting me an apartment. We didnt start actually looking until I had two paycheckes from work–just in case the hunt required proof of employment. So then we started poking around on Craigs list last wednesday and this weekend went on LA’s popular “West Side Rentals” website (which incidentally costs 60 bucks–its like 100% profit for the owners of that website–its insane!) and found a few places to look.

Well, I called one of the numbers and the she said that she was about to show it so if I wanted to look I’d better do it ASAP. so i jumped in my car and went there and LOVED it. its a single–so very very small. At any rate, I got approved by Monday (as in four days ago) and am scheduled to move in March 10th.

Phase III is a bit more scary. Rebecca’s words “If I have anything to do with it you WILL be married in a year.” Phase III is to find me a S.O. Phase I and II have been so easy what with the first tries that it leaves me a little weary, yet hopeful, about Phase III’s timing. Either this one’s going to be the time consuming one, or I’ll continue my luck of complete the phase on the first try 😉

The longer I’m in LA (the whole month and half now) the more I realize that I really am a city girl. I love the busy-ness of the city. I love the sounds, the smells, the activities, the beach.

I need to get to the beach more often though. I really do.


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