Do you believe in what you see?

I’m in procrastination mode. Its a wonderful mode to be in, really. It mostly consists of me saying, “I’m going to clean my apartment today! but FIRST….I’m going to go get dinner.” And…”Now that I’m all full from dinner, I’m going to clean my house! But FIRST, I’m going to update my news page on veacom.”

So yes, that is what I’m doing.

The last few weeks have been quite incredibly amazing for me. We’ll start out with the bad and move up from that.

I have been twitching. Yes folks actual real twitching. I’m so stressed out that my body is screaming at me! My right eye has been twitching now for two weeks. It’s incredibly annoying and very distracting.

I’ve also been having those plane crash dreams, plus–you know–girl stuff…been going on for two weeks now. I’m not really quite sure exactly what it is about my life right now that’s got my body totally messed up. But, I need to figure it out and soon. I’ve been trying to calm myself down though.

Tomorrow is my last day, officially, as The Unspeakables Webmaster. It’ll probably be somewhat sad for me to officially hand the reigns over, because I love that site. I just couldn’t get half of the staff to work and I felt bad for making the staff that did do their part work as much as they did already. I didn’t/don’t need that kind of stress. So yeah, sad day in the history of Tabby. But you know, I’ll get over it.

I am not sure if I’ve said this before on this site, but I absolutely LOVE where I live. Actually I know I haven’t because I was still living with Rebecca and Graham the last time I updated. I’ve been in my new apartment for coming on two months now–and it’s absolutely wonderful. The only downside to this apartment is the rusty water (it’s extremely bad–my hands permanently smell like metal now). Otherwise, it’s in a really cute part of Los Angeles. I walk everywhere—sometimes for dinner over at Mama’s Pizza & Pasta just a couple of blocks away. There’s a little convenience store half a block away where I can get anything I absolutely need. And it’s so absolutely gorgeous here in LA! There’s always birds doing their thing (even at three in the morning–which can get a bit annoying) and there’s several Asian restaurants down by Mama’s that is always having some neat show or something, bringing people in the area.

Its like, when I walk through this part of town, I actually can hear music playing in my head–making me feel like its part of some movie–perfection…really.

And then two weeks ago I got the amazing chance to interview the subject of one of my websites–Allison Mack and I can’t even stress enough how totally surreal and successful that one event made me feel.

My entire family seems to be on an upswing. Mom is temporarily living with my ex-step-dad and I haven’t received any dramatic calls about it. My younger brother has changed jobs, is going to church, is taking care of his and his fiancé’s son along with his fiancé (of course). My youngest brother is finishing up his junior year in high school–getting ready to buy his first vehicle. My biological father has joined the carnival and is now officially a carnie (doing concessions).

Really? What more could i ask for then a happy family and a carnie biological father? Can’t think of anything else that would please me more. 🙂

So, now if only I could get to the bottom of the twitching–all shall be well.


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