The New Things

I was laying in bed last night pondering over the current events in my life for 2006, making goals to achieve for the remainder of the year, and quite obviously not sleeping, when I realized, “It’s about That Time. Time to update my MySpace and my Veacom blogs.”

So many things have happened in seven days that I honestly feel like I’m a different person; not necessarily personality-wise (because I’ll probably never change [insert evil laughter]) but my life in general is now suddenly…different. I know, I’m fantastic with words and everyone envies my writing skills right about now. But, by different, I mean, “new”; new in a way that this time six months ago I never ever would have guessed I’d be where I am right now.

Which is odd because six months ago I felt the same way. While I don’t generally make “resolutions” for the year, I do tend to make goals within certain aspects of my life. One of my 2005 goals was to interview Allison Mack. I acheived that goal within 4 months, back in April. So come June, I had this moment of reflection where I just sort of jawdropped and thought, “huh–how in the world did all that happen?”

But then I was talking to Anda, one of my closest friends in the world, on the phone the other day and she was telling me about a moment where she was talking me up to someone and said something along the lines of “Tabby gets what she wants. If she wants to do thing A, she does thing A.” And it really made me think.

So far, within the last two years, I think that’s been true. I wanted to get out of Idaho and move to LA. I sold everything I owned and did so. I wanted to do that interview. I did it. I wanted to experience more than just kissing. I did it. I wanted to get a new job. I did it. This goes even further back than this year. I wanted to go to college. I did it. I wanted to go to an expensive college. I did it. I wanted to remain at said expensive college and only pay half tuition on my own despite my lower grades. I did it. And even further back in high school; I wanted to be on a basketball team, on a volleyball team, in a writing guild, in a chess tournament, in a skating competition, in a singing competition. I did all those things.

Yet somehow, I refuse to hold on to that fact. I still make goals, I always will because I don’t believe in being stagnant in life. But I refuse to be of the mindset that “I’ve gotten/done all these other things, so these new goals are inevitable.” But on the other hand, I do usually set pretty reasonable goals for myself.

Monday starts my new job. I am excited and nervous and curious all at the same time. I’ve been hired to do some official design work alongside of my programming, which is a new type of gig for me. It’ll be a good challenge for me to stretch my three or four creative brain cells and try to get them to multiply.

So, my goals for the 2006 aren’t very many. Not my major goals. I want to shed another 40 pounds (not undoable since I did the same thing a year ago). I want to work on getting a breast reduction surgery in the works for 2007, and I want to meet Allison.

I think these are all doable goals. I also set monthly, weekly, and daily goals for myself but I tend to fail at those more often then the global picture of the yearly goals. Today’s daily goal is to have fun and enjoy my last day off before starting my new job. My weekly goal is to launch My monthly goal is to remember important birthdays and to mail things out to my family once and for all, and to get my student loan paperwork finished. That should actually be a weekly goal though. My six month goals is to phase myself out of AMO and just be the maintainer and main decision maker and let the staff do their thing. I’m slowly getting there and it feels nice to not have to check the site every single day and trust that my staff are doing their jobs.

Okay, so I think that’s about it for a new update. I won’t make it a goal to update this thing though. Those are goals I can’t necessarily make because I may or may not have anything exciting to share and I definitely don’t want to bore anyone with my inane posts that talk about toothaches or dumb doctors or television shows that most people aren’t concerned with.

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