Obligatory First Post

“Do you have a business women special? You know, like, some places have a lunch special, for like, business women?” ~Romy

I moved to Los Angeles, CA just over two and a half years ago, with hopes and dreams that I’d be a star. The glitter and gold and shiny things, and the hair dressers and the makeup artists and the fabulous fashion… I couldn’t get enough of it in my small college town in southern Idaho; the market was dead up there unless you wanted to do commercials for insurance companies. I knew I had to break away from my comfortable life in the small city and move to the coast; the land of the stars.

Just kidding! Honestly, if there’s a spectrum of skills from “I’m VERY good at that one!” to “wow, okay let’s not do that again” acting is very much in the latter end of that scale.

Why did I make this trek, you might still be asking. Or perhaps you might not be asking since not many people even know who I am unless I’ve sent you to this blog. It’s simple. I’m in the field of Computer Science. Like acting, the market is in a higher demand here in Los Angeles. Unlike acting, I’ve never had a hard time getting work, which is why I’m here writing.

For many years now, including those long years in college, I have been running a freelance lifestyle on the side of my fulltime jobs. In LA, I’ve taken the “must find low paying jobs at all cost” route, which included a job change with a rather hefty paycut and the tagline “I believe in the product I’m creating, I believe it’ll sell and payoff.”

I’m still in sell mode with that one, but in the mean time I’m finding that my freelance lifestyle is attempting to bleed over into my full time jobs, and that never goes over well with bosses. So my grand scheme to solve this problem is to turn it into a business now, and enhance later, after “my ship comes in”. Problem is, I know next to nothing about business. On top of that, aside from being well associated with technology, I have somehow fallen behind in the skill of “THE GOOGLE SEARCH” and somehow it never gives me the information I’m looking for. So, it’s really an intresting experience, trying to get a small business started with no idea of what I’m doing, no real money to hire a CPA at the moment, and no CLUE where to find a reasonably priced lawyer to take care of those pesky business needs… like changing from a sole proprietorship to a S-Corp.

So, I figured I’d start a little blog, and write about my journey as an unexperienced business entrepreneur, an experienced software engineer, and a woman.


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