Changing winds…

So, two months pass by and already there’s way too much information to put down on this one little entry. As each sentence passes by, so does the amount of items I’d like to report on here.  I start out my entries with thousands of inspirational bits to write about and find that they slowly evaporate when it comes time to get past any sort of introduction. Perhaps “evaporate” isn’t the correct word here, because my mind never truly loses “thought-mass” as I like to call it. Perhaps “become replaced” is a better term, replaced with a less formed thought.

So that’s exactly why I’m trying to stick to two items on this entry! In the infamous words of Ralph Wiggam, “I’m learnding!” As the title suggests, there’s some changes going on here in my life, my world, my sphere… if you will. I started this blog out with the intention to blog about my journey as an entreapreuner; to talk about the joys and trials of starting a business on no budget. I haven’t kept up with it in that fasion, and it now appears that more will change as time goes on, as I’ve decided to sideline the business for now and try again later. This ties into the second topic for the entry, which is all about dissapointment, but more on that later!

About Prestige’s fate. It’s a lovely business and has a lot of great potential with a very open market. Because of those facts, I’m going to let it simmer for a while since I have a few clients that I’d like to continue to work with. That being said, I’m going to do something bold and fun! I’m going to move to a new country! I’ll be working with Girls by Design during the development and deployment of their website. I’m just waiting on my passport in order to initiate the work permit papers for Canada and we’ll be good to go. It’s very exciting. Exclamation Point.

So, in light of these changes, it got me thinking about dissapointment a bit. I was discussing that word with someone else a couple of weeks ago, and I have come to realize that the phrase “to dissapoint” or any sort of offshoot of that phrase is one of the more manipulating parts in our entire human language! Any time anyone uses that phrase or subset of phrases and words, it is almost always applied in a way that’s manipulating or controlling one party or another. When you make decisions so that you don’t dissapoint someone else, you’re really saying that their interactions are controlling you. When you are afraid of dissapointing yourself, that’s a form of self-control, in the bad sense. What is dissapointment? It seems to me that dissaopintment is another word that people try to use when describing someone else’s  negative reaction, such as “sad”,”mad” or maybe even a combination, with a consequence if that person has does have one of those reactions. So the queston really is… why does it matter? Why can’t someone be sad or mad or whatever and it not have any real impact on you and who you are and what you do? I vote for the removal of the word “dissapointment” from everyday vocabulary and just focus on you and what you have to do!

Pulling that all around, that’s exactly what I’m doing. What I have to do. No disappointments! Let’s do it, yo!


3 thoughts on “Changing winds…

  1. you’re going to live in vancouver, to work with kristin and kendra in GBD! that’s awesome!
    congrats and good luck! ^^

  2. You’ve taken upon a new challenge and you’ve embarked on an enriching journey.

    I wish you good luck, success, fun and lots of great experiences.

    And, I’m looking forward to meeting you there. 🙂

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