pop, soda, sodapop, coke

So! I gave up pop 12 days ago. For the first few days some of my friends kept asking me how I felt, physically. Honestly, I hadn't felt really different at all.

It isn't really until today that I think I feel differently. I realized two days ago that my internal clock seems to be much more right-on with regards to waking up at a decent hour. I generally have energy to get through the day now without the need for a nap. I still drink caffeine some mornings but its not even a requirement so that may be the next thing to go. I'll switch coffee with tea.

On the lines of life-changes… I'm meeting with Sarah on Tuesday to start my new food lifestyle. We were supposed to meet yesterday but having a contagious throat infection put a damper on that. She and I are going over what kinds of food to mix and what not (for instance, apparently one should never mix carbs and proteins! Sad Face at Sandwiches), and then a cooking lesson. In exchange I'll be teaching her more about her website. 🙂

I'm taking the "natural path" from here on out. I have no idea what that means, to be honest, but I think it means nothing white (i.e. white rice, white bread, white pasta) and lots of herbs and natural, non-processed foods. I'm switching my coffee cream out with almond milk.

My goal is to loose 25 lbs in three months. and then another 25 in 3, etc. until i get down to 145. Its only 100 pounds to loose! so that shouldn't take me more than two years… given that there likely will be failures. My first weight-in yesterday was 250.6. Go Team Tabby!


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