Tea Kettle Before the Signal

Have you ever watched a tea kettle do its job? What about a toaster? If you have, have you ever paid attention to how you felt while watching the tea kettle or toaster? There's always this point where time seems to slow down and every second feels like a minute. But more than that, there's a build-up of … "something" in ourselves as we anticipate the high pitched scream emerge from the pot or the always alarming "pop" of the toaster. Can you feel that?

Great! That's how I'm feeling today. For some reason I have all of these amazing ideas brewing for my script, some poems, a painting, some photography, etc but the execution is feeling a bit fearful for me. My life for the last 5 years has been very digitally oriented. I write pseudo code in my sleep, for crying out loud. Executing the creative side of me seems like its going to be a bit of work, I'll have to wipe the dust and cobwebs off of that part of my brain and get to work. Maybe I'll write a song. Maybe I'll get more of my book done. There's probably an unending list of stuff I could accomplish; stuff that I left hanging out to dry years ago.

Poems were rolling in my head the other night, as I slept. It was strange, actually. I'm used to working out complex algorithms in my sleep. That started about 7 years ago when I was preparing for the A+ exam, I dreamed that I was labeling parts of a printer. From then on I would work out code or problem spots as I lay down, asleep or not. So poems were new or me. Of course I don't remember the words of most of them now. I just remember the feeling I had. Anger. Its of course something I want to really look into, but it was there, nonetheless. Most of the poems I was writing seemed aimed at my parents, which doesn't necessarily seem surprising for most of the world, but I'm nearly thirty years old! I kinda feel like any issues I seriously had with my parents should be long over by now. I guess that's a lie I told myself.

Oh well! I'm off to be creative! I think this is going to be wonderfully fun! Love you peoples!


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