I thank mother earth….

Over the years that I’ve had the privilege of walking this great earth, I’ve experienced nearly every natural disaster except for a tsunami (*knocks on desk*). Having experienced larger earthquakes, although nothing on the scale of China’s most recent quake, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods, etc the one common thread that I have found is the strong pull and binding of humanity that occurs during and after the disasters.

The strongest efforts I’ve experienced personally and been a part of was the restorations of the Hawaiian islands after hurricane Iniki on a 9/11 before 9/11 was anything spectacular, in 1992. Hmmm, having just seen those numbers it would have looked much cooler if it had happened the year earlier… 9/11/1991. But it didn’t, and that’s not the point. After the hurricane ripped through the pacific islands at 140mph, it left an entire island destroyed and much damage on the surrounding islands. My family did as much as we could to help restore our state ranging from cleanups to financial donations. I can remember, to this day, what it meant to be cleaning up debris for neighbors and friends. It was a contribution; a feeling of complete belonging to where I lived.

I’m thankful for those moments, to be honest. I would never be the person to say that “good things come out of tragedies” because I am not sure I really believe the word “tragedy” should be used as much as it is to begin with, personally (although I recognize that thought may be different for any other reader), but I can say that its a beautiful thing that occurs when humanity is in the most dire state of existence. China’s earthquake, Thailand’s tsunami, New Orleans hurricane, California fires are all blatant examples of how everyone tries to get involved and how they see and understand their direct relationship with the earth. Your sole survival relies on the participation you have within the community. I’m reading stories of rescue workers finding live people in rubble, children being pulled out of buildings alive an orphaned, a rescue worker stepping up to feed orphaned infants with her own breast milk, of which without this incredible act, the infants would surely have died. Its a state where there are no obligations, only a natural state of giving and taking. This amazing example of humanity gives way to rebuilding a stronger community and avoiding the “tragedy” again.

So my question now is… wouldn’t it be beautiful if our world could exist with this breath-taking example of humanity all of the time?

Think about it.


One thought on “I thank mother earth….

  1. I’ve thought the same thing many times. ‘Why isn’t it always like that?’
    I mean, everyday kindness, compassion, tolerance, …that’s what we need…we don’t have to wait for a disaster or tragedy to happen to pull together as human beings.

    It’s a nice thought and it’s a movitation to do one’s best to make a difference, from little efforts to great support.

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