I've still got my health so what do I care

"Your face is your fortune, so some wise man spoke. My face is my fortune, that's why I'm totally broke." ~Bette Midler

The last couple of months or so I've been really focused on my body and what's going on with it. I've been severely obese for the last 10 years and have never really felt motivated, without the accompanied low self-esteem feelings of doom and gloom and outcast, to change my situation. Trying to change your body because you feel bad about yourself is the fastest road to not actually loosing weight, from my experience.

I was walking down a hill here in Burnaby about a month and a half ago, when I suddenly felt this great big flash of lightening hit my brain. As "Hook's" Smee said, "I fink I just had an apostrophe!" It was one of those moments where a thought comes into your brain and changes the way you see the world. Anyway, I was walking down the hill minding my own business when I thought, "I don't need pop." That single thought seemingly changed the way I view my body and health forever. As I continued down the hill, I felt happy that I had come to such a conclusion. I've had thousands of people suggest to me that I give up Dr. Pepper and pop in general. I always fought the idea because I was the Dr. Pepper Girl! I liked that I was defined that way and I couldn't imagine giving up that piece of me. This wonderful realization I had was a recognition that Dr. Pepper and pop doesn't actually define me at all. And that life IS much better and more energetic without the need for this inanimate object to define me.

Ever since then I've been on this journey to trade out all of the unhealthy activities I have allowed myself to do for healthy ones. I'm starting my new weight loss goal plan with a cleanse.

Cleanses are interesting. Either you're the kind of person who is vehemently against using natural herbs and elements to adjust your body, or you're the kind of person who thinks its okay. Very rarely have I ran into someone who was apathetic or without opinion on the matter. This cleanse that I'm doing is different than most as it lets you eat food, which is great. Its called the Wild Rose cleanse. I'm only on day one of it but I'm feeling optimistic.

As part of my new choice in a healthy lifestyle, I'm having to learn everything about food and proteins and calories and vitamins, etc. I've chosen to go vegetarian for a while, possibly forever, but at least until I get my weight to a healthy status, so I have to be careful to eat foods that have protein in them and get a well balanced set of food. Once I get my metabolism on the right path, I don't think that it'll be difficult to shed the pounds.

Exercise is also key to this whole healthy thing. Every day I'm walking a minimum of 15 minutes but in reality I'm actually walking close to 45 minutes every day. 30 more consistent days of doing this and reporting it and I'll be able to add another exercise to my routine.

So, I'm right on the cusp of some big changes for me. Its incredible to think of the potential that could come out of it!

Mari, my lovely roommate asked me the other day, "Tabby, when you're skinny do you think you will look as pretty?" I thought to myself a bit and smiled. "As always," I responded. Yay for health goals!


5 thoughts on “I've still got my health so what do I care”

  1. You know my biggest dream and challenge is to achieve a slim figure and a healthy new attitude to life. I’ve been struggling for a long time and I really hit the bottom recently.

    I’m the one who has to do it, I’m my own coach but, advice, support and peptalk are always welcome. 🙂

    You’re fabulous. Thank you for sharing your new healthy lifestyle changes and weightloss journey .

  2. Good luck with your goal of living a healthy lifestyle. That’s the key IMO. When my doctor wanted me to lose weight I found it hard when he gave me what seemed to be a harsh diet that didn’t motivate me but instead made me feel sad. Instead I decided that it wasn’t good enough to just try and lose weight to feel good and be healthy again but I needed to change my lifestyle and my habits so that any weight I do lose stays off. The weight has taken longer to come off but it has slowly come off and I’ve dropped 2 sizes and somewhere in between I got pregnant and a baby.

    Again…good luck:)

  3. I can really relate. At my heaviest, I was over 300 pounds (I stopped counting at 300). My health was in horrible shape, was morbidly hypertensive (my doctor said at one point I was a stroke waiting to happen). Then the biggest miracle seemed to happen – I started losing weight! I attribute it to stopping the Risperdal I’d been on for five or so years, but it didn’t matter to me 😀 I got down to about 160 and I’m on the rise again, but have managed to put a halt to that. I’m so paranoid about getting heavy again I’ve become obsessed with my weight as of late.

    See, I tend to read labels obsessively as well. I look more for what the food *has* more than what it *does not* have. I look to see if there are vitamins, iron, potassium, things like that. Having passed out from a potassium deficiency will do that to a person, lol. I also check sodium, because I’m still pre-hypertensive, but don’t want to end up on medicine for that again. I am not so much obsessed with calories and fat, as I am with getting enough of everything I need. After all, we still need calories and fat to live. I’m really bad when it comes to exercising though. Just no time it seems! And I’m too tired.

    I wish you a lot of luck in your endeavor. And I’m thrilled to find someone else that says “pop” 😀

  4. I appreciate this comment comes many many months after the post but just wanted to say “yay” for you working to lose weight and I wish you all the best. I’m morbidly obese myself at 250lb so I how much hard work it takes to shift those pounds. However I really hope that you do succeed, because after all the hours you’ve spent on the fan communities (that I admittedly love) I think you deserve a body that you are happy with.

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