What is the cure?

Everyone has their own method in curing the hiccups. What is yours?


6 thoughts on “What is the cure?

  1. Drinking water while holding your breath, as much as you can, if you can get a whole glass, that’s better.

    Never works though heh, not for me anyway.

  2. Take a drink of water. Stand up. Then lean forward till your head is in-between your legs. Now swallow the water. Wait a second or two and stand upright again.

    It only works about 50% of the time for me but seems to work much better for everyone else who tries it.

  3. I hold my breath and count to fifteen or twenty. I also try to burp if I can, but the holding my breath thing rarely ever fails me.

  4. I lean as far forward as I can and then drink a glass of water upside down…. 🙂 Works every time.

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