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So, I admit… I love having birthday parties for myself. Throughout my childhood and teen years I’d only really had a handful of parties each year so once I got out of college I began to throw a party with my most intimate friends. We’d usually go to Dave & Busters and play fun games until we were tired of that and then I’d go out to Sardos Lounge and drink lots and sing lots of Karaoke.

This year, I feel like my friends circle has grown quite large since I got to Vancouver so I decided to give it a shot with a party. I invited everyone I knew up here and quite a bit of those people showed up to the party (even after several confusing plan-changes). It was truly fantastic to get to spend time with these people!

And presents! Let me just take a few minutes out right now to talk about the presents I got (of which we’ll post pictures of soon while I formulate my massive thank you’s). Apparently money was collected from a dozen or so people and They collectively bought me … AN IPOD!!! HOLY COW.

Like, an iPod is REALLY something I was wanting! I love it! But wait! There’s more! The iPod also came with a little alarm/player thing that I can sit it in and play music on speakers. RAD. And also this really super fabulous pink tool kit that I had been wanting for a long time! So I will be sending the official Thank Yous tomorrow to everyone involved but, really, THANK YOU OMG!

Tonight at my party, One person brought me some Quinoa, Blue Agave Sweetener, and Almond Butter to encourage me to continue with my healthy lifestyle. I also got an amazing gift certificate to Miranda’s Hat and a really cool spa kit, as well as some cards. Thank you to all of you who participated in this event!

I know there’s some people who would have liked to come but couldn’t for one reason or another and so I wanted to thank you too! You’re willingness to share yourselves like that means a lot to me!

That’s about it for now! I’ll post pictures of the wonderful iPod ensemble tomorrow! *hugs*


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