Everyday is a Getaway

I have found what I believe to be the most perfect set of sounds to listen to as they day starts for me. There's this amazing beat to the song "Everyday is a Holiday" by Esthero that I feel like my very heart beat aligns to its pulses. The harmony in the song is beautiful, a sound my ears could listen to any time.

I love it when I find perfect songs. My college friends and I used to talk about everyone having a soundtrack for life, where the perfect song comes on at the most perfect time, describing your life exactly. You know, when something occurs in your day and you find yourself tuning into the music playing just at the right time and it seems to speak to you and uplift you in a way that nothing else could? That's the soundtrack to life! There's nothing cooler than recognizing a moment like that.

I've had so many amazing things happen since I last posted a blog entry here. I've started, or rather will be starting, practicing a cappella with the others who are in the group. Volleyball has ended and we're now going outdoor for volleyball. I've been working on completing a few projects, and trying to find more US-based work so that I can have money. I'm starting a fitness program, primarily weight lifting right now. I've lost 18 pounds by changing my diet.

Best of all, it's finally summer here in Vancouver! It's been a bit hot but not unbearable, at least for me. I'm moving to The Drive in August, and that's exciting! There's so much cool stuff that goes on there that it'll be fun to be admist of all of the life music and … people.

Overall, there's just so much amazingness going on for me these days that there's only joy! I mean, sometimes I react a bit, like my situation at the border the other day (okay that was more than 'a bit' but you know…) but overall I'm pretty content. I've got amazing friends both online and here in Vancouver/Burnaby. I am not even sure I could or even would ask for my life to be any different than it is now.


1 thought on “Everyday is a Getaway”

  1. It does my heart good to read that you’ve got so much good going on and that you’re happy. 🙂

    Are you moving out of the house, to another neighborhood, called The Drive?

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