Yay! Moving again!

So! Today I've moved out of Mari and Britt's apartment. Mari and Britt are two of the most WONDERFUL women and have been supporting me in many many ways for the last six months. I can't even begin to explain how beautiful these two are. They've helped me financially and they've been a rock for me emotionally as well as helped give me some of my "gay" culture in the world. They are fun, lovable, and will eat sushi with me any time I want! hehe.

Now I'm moving on to a house in Vancouver, on "The Drive." Right now, there's only five of us living in the house but that's because lots of people are away for the summer. Usually there's more! The house is amazing. Its a four-story co-ed house with 7 rooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, and a laundry room! Two of my friends here also live here although they are both away on vacation right now. It's pretty sweet! I'll post pictures at some point. Right now I'm just sorta sitting here, loving the place! Also, there's a dog here named Pippin! How awesome is that!? Not as awesome as Mari and Britt but its pretty up there! 😉


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