About Me

state of being

I finally decided to get the domain tabbychapman.com and get a bit more serious about blogging. My problem with blogging is that I can’t ever seem to narrow my brain down far enough to just discuss one topic and one topic only. I considered creating a technology blog, a blog about women in business, a blog about the people I work with, a blog about weight loss, a blog about projects and clients, and the list goes on (and on and on and on). But I just am far too all over the place to be able to really appreciate my blogs, you know?

So, in starting this blog back up I don’t want to make any promises in terms of the contents.

I will list here the things that I am involved in and enjoy, and will likely write about… so if any of it is interesting to you, come back and read!

I write.
I think.
I create.
I play instruments.
I sing and direct a cappella.
I code.
I teach.
I study.
I work.
I love.
I eat.
I am considering tai kwon do.

My entries will probably mostly fit in those categories!


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