Car Care

So, living here in Upstate New York has its ups and downs, depending on the day. It’s not my favorite place that I’ve ever parked my car, but it’s where I’m at for now. My favorite part about being up here is that I have a plethora of friends here and that’s pretty amazing. My least favorite part, however, is the winter weather and all of the excess maintenance, car washes, pumping gas in the cold (brrrrr), refilling windshield wiper fluids, warming up the car ten minutes before you leave… hoping that your car doesn’t get stolen… etc.

Well, the good news for me, at least, is that I have a friend who runs a car-care service out here called “THE KAR-MA“. She does most of the above list… although most of the time it’s still me standing in the cold pumping gas (she’s done it for me a few times, though) or warming up my car.

There’s been quite a few things that I’ve chosen to use her services for. Like, if I hear a strange noise in my car, she will come out and drive it around and help diagnose it or get it into the shop. She’ll even drive it there herself. She takes my car every month and washes the salt and grime off of it and gives the inside a nice near-detailed cleaning. The best part about her services is that she responds fast and is incredibly reliable. She knows, for instance, that I have a crazy-ass fear of my tires popping and so if there’s anything going on with the rubber, she’ll get it taken care of right away… ooh that sounds kind of… clinically sexy!

Oh and she’s officially genderized my car… which I rarely ever take the time to do. “The Honda” is a “her.” Lovely!

Anyway, for anyone else in the upstate New York, her services are amazing. Her prices are fairly reasonable for a average household income and very reasonable if you are looking for a peaceful state of mind with regards to your car and spending time taking care of it when you could be raking in the dough.

Plus, I did her website for her and I’m really quite proud of the design and code! 🙂


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