Thar she blows!

At last, we’ve finally launched phase 1 of Kristin Kreuk’s first OFFICIAL site! Are we stoked? Yes. Are we glad its finally launched? Yes! Are we excited for the next phase? YES!

Right now its just a lil’ bit of info about Kristin but soon it will be ‘ze cool place to hang. Thanks to the amazing design from Cory and the steadfast and skillfully crafted programming from Chad, we’ve got a rockin’… or rather scrollin’ place to check out now. Our next phase implementation will begin VERY soon, so expect it out in early spring!

Click the image below to go see her site! Leave a comment with questions or anything regarding her website. I’ll see what I can answer!


7 thoughts on “Thar she blows!”

  1. There is missing one tag in site’s source code and another one is doubled. The mising tag is charset meta tag (If I can recommend you, use UTF-8). And the doubled tag is stylesheet link tag.

    Good luck with that project!

    with kind regards
    Ondřej Pláteník (BetonMAN)
    Webmaster of czech web about Smallville

  2. Great work. The transitions between the different sections remind me of a touch screen scrolling. Pretty cool.

    Question. What is the origin of that first picture of Kristin? The profile view of her.

    Looking forward to see what else is in store.

  3. @Ondřej (btw is your name pronounced like “andre” in english?) thanks! we’ll fix those soon. 🙂

    @jOhn: no idea about the picture.

    @John O and @sypher: thanks!

  4. Hi, in Kristen’s Biography, there is a small typo. In the last paragraph there is an and spelled “nad” : “Her primary focus is on evaluating current social nad personal ideas”.

    To touch on your most recent post, I recently was forced to learn coldfusion using a windows machine after being basically mac-centric for years. It makes things harder at first, but like everything else, you get used to it and you might (at least I did) cherish your mac usage more now than before. Good luck!

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