A New Year, New Adventures…

Alright… so over the last few weeks I’ve come to one single conclusion… I think I am mentally ready for a family. Like, a 2+ family… with child. Problem is, I’m not quite physically or financially ready… and that’s what shall explain my intensity with the remainder of this year and my goals…

Over the next 9 months, will be on a rigid schedule to clean up my credit, and get my body into much better condition that it is in now. Then, provided my benchmarks are met, Helena and I will start the process of getting pregnant!

So, We decided to blog about our exciting adventures because there’s simply not enough of these blogs out there… 🙂 We’re just trying to think of a name for the blog? Any thoughts?


5 thoughts on “A New Year, New Adventures…

  1. Hi, its nice able to talk to someone like you, i did love the role you insome movies you acted, and i will like to say, how do you people cope with the romancing part of the show? well, don’t be bothered its none of my business but i would like you to find a befiting husband, an husband given to vou by God(i hope you are a christian)this year. stop and think on how lifes treating you and try to cope especially with God on your side you will make it and be a shining star forever.Extend my greetings to your friends:Allison mack and one main actor in one of your films;Tom wellling.Bubbie!!!

  2. I can’t think of a title right now but, it’s wonderful news and I wish you good luck on this new journey.
    I’m looking forward to reading about it.

  3. How about, “Following the path to life and love.”
    Or, “Connecting with life and love.”
    Or just, “Connections.”
    Or, “A journey to love.”
    Or, “A journey to life.”
    Or, “Here we are…”
    Or, “Finding our connections.”
    “This is our journey.”
    “This is our new day.”
    “We are ready. . . together.”

    This to get started, and yes– good journey to you both.

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