I tend to tune into the word “beautiful” when I hear people say it. I am always hearing the word wherever I go. In the grocery store, in classes, at work, in talk shows…. everywhere. So the other day I was driving through the Starbucks Drive-through, ordering my decadent drink (grande non-fat, no-foam, with whip, stirred marble mocha) and I noticed a tiny sticker at the bottom of the window and just smiled. I sat there smiling for a few minutes when I realized, “Hey! I’ve got a camera on my phone!”

So I snuck a photo to smile at forever.


One thought on “You.Are.Beautiful

  1. 🙂
    the word ‘beautiful’ has been in my thoughts a while now, for different reasons
    people should use the word more often too
    say ‘you are beautiful’ (not just as in ‘you’re pretty’) to someone or when it’s being said to you…it can make a difference in many ways…
    thanks for sharing

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