Workplace Excitement

Today we had a fire alarm! I was on the phone with Helena and suddenly an annoying BZZZZ noise started up. I think its interesting how not-serious we take fire alarms these days… at least on the outside. About 20 seconds into the buzz, I got off the phone and looked around at my fellow cube-munity members, wondering if it was serious. They started to get up and I heard someone yelling… something (Turns out it was the Executive Director saying, “I can’t leave until you all do, so please leave!”) and I stood up and looked at my bag. “Do I bring my stuff? Or… I don’t know if its serious or not.”

I decided on bringing my stuff.

Turns out it was real. There was smoke somewhere in the building, but not near our office. We were outside for a half-an-hour. The good ol’ Guilderland volunteer fire department showed up and saved the day and now we’re back to work. Fantastic!

So, the moral of the story is… take your stuff, even if you’re worried you might look like a dork. It might be real! And also, leave sooner than later, because the captain of the ship can’t until you do.

And, Remember — Only You….Can Prevent Wild Fires!*

*Smokey the Bear


One thought on “Workplace Excitement

  1. You’ve done it right.
    We had a fire alarm too last week. It was an exercise, no real fire but of course we didn’t know that when the alarm went off.
    I put on my ‘First Aid’ flashy vest, got my first aid kit and handbag and went downstairs. Afterwards we had a debriefing (first aid volunteers and those assigned to make sure all floors are evacuated).
    And, yes there are always people who are reluctant to leave their offices but, they have to.

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