For the love of…

Key and Ben WalkI know I am low on sleep when I start tearing up over the smallest things. I’ve been practicing with my acappella group every single night this week, and I don’t generally crawl into bed until 1am only to have to be up and to work by 7:30 every day. So, today, a co-worker sent us all a link about these two guys who are trying to raise funds for Breast Cancer. They are doing it by walking from Florida to NYC in under 60 days. I don’t even know why this is so emotional for me… but when I think about the beautifully creative ways that people come up with to raise money for causes they feel passionately about, I find it to be such a beautiful expression of care and love for humanity. I mean… the publicity and overnight fame doesn’t hurt as they cross the finish line (or maybe no one will even notice…), but the mission itself, to raise funds to make a healthier world, is really beautiful.

While I hold the position that most sicknesses/diseases in America can be prevented and that a lot of the cancers and strange illnesses are more often than not, caused by stress (i.e. I believe that holding up pent-up anger for years and years leads to all kinds of stress issues on your body, including migraines, muscle and tendon fatigue, weakened immune system, etc… I should know… I’ve been sick nearly all of my life with one cold/migrain/[insert illness here] or another). If we can find the cause of these stresses, that can point us to a solution… It’s preventable that way. In other words, if you start to feel stressed or angry, etc… Find the cause of why things are stressing you and fix that. I also believe that as long as cancer and other diseases DO exist, we have a two-front battle to fight… so to speak. The battle to overcome it now, and the battle to prevent it in the future. It takes an investment of both money and time, for both yourself, now, and humanity into the future. It’s an investment into you; a committment to letting go of those things that are bothering you, and figure out why they do, and learn what’s going on with that and work to fix that. Chances are, if you get that far, you’ll probably just let go anyway. Most cancer survivers will report to you that having a prognosis changed their life. It either seems to piss them off to no end, or is an impetus to do more with their lives and to be bigger than before and better than before and catapult change in the world.

It’s simply beautiful, this process of life.

To see more about the walk that these guys are doing and donate, if you wish, click the link below:


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