Lament of the blackberry

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit… I hated owning the blackberry. It is slow and hard to use. The only saving grace for it was that it was really easy to type on it. Every time I dropped it, the little ball would pop out and I’d have to spend 10 minutes trying to pop it back in.

Well, the ball has finally defected for good now… as it fell while I was in the Walmart parking lot, at night. I attempted to look for the little damn thing but it apparently didn’t want to be found. So, now I have to lay the blackberry down to rest and see how the heck I’m going to be able to afford the new iPhone 4.


The Hole:


One thought on “Lament of the blackberry

  1. Get the Blackberry Bold! It totally runs circles around the Curve and there is no track ball. The screen is beautiful and it comes with so many great tools! You can upgrade at Wal-mart right now or add a new line and the phone there is $48.88!! I upgraded a few months ago and I paid $78.88. Please note that I have T-mobile.

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