just another wordpress plugin post

Image of WordPress PluginsWordPress is my favorite software in the world. It can do just about anything. I mean, they even have a social network set of plugins as well. So, I figured I’d post a lil’ blog about my favorite wordpress plugins to use… and some I’m interested in using. I’ll go over my current three favorite (although there are so many)!

First of all, I am loving the Twitter for WordPress plugin, because I can always count on my public tweets showing up here. It’s just one less step that I don’t ever need to worry about.

Next, I love the Feedburner Widget plugin, because it makes it so that I don’t have to change the code to redirect the feeds. It doesn’t it automatically. Feedburner is the latest in Google’s RSS syndication technology (and by “the latest”, I mean that they acquired it from Feedburner a while back, much like YouTube) that allows you to do fancy schmancy things with your feed, starting at keeping track of which email addresses are reading the feed. Yum!

The Akismet is my ultimate favorite widget of all time. This puppy has saved me so so much time in all of my experience in blogging saving me from having to weed out the spammers from the real posts. Thank you Akismet!

Those are my top three! I have a few other plugins that I use depending on what the occupation is for any given client. And I’m kinda dying to try out this WordTour plugin soon! What are your favorite plugins?


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