Ready To Rumble

So, I love California. It’s really one of the best states I’ve lived in. It’s actually hard for me to choose between Vancouver and California, because they are so similar in so many ways and yet so different. One of the things I do NOT like about California, however, are the earthquakes. I hate earthquakes. They scare the bejeebers out of me and I feel disturbed for days and days, even if its the tiniest little shake.

That’s why I was a tad bit irritated when Albany, NY started shaking. Granted, it’s only happened once where I can feel it since I’ve lived here, but it really did annoy me. I mean, these kinds of natural “issues” (disasters isn’t quite the word for the “shake” we felt here) just do not happen over here and I was fine and happy.

Actually, the floors here in the office are so weak that for the first few months of working here, I kept thinking we were having earthquakes all of the time. So I stayed annoyed a lot. And then I finally was able to convince myself that it was just heavy-walkers or leg-shakers. So, the day both my montors started shaking and rattling and hitting against each other, I sat there and tried very hard to convince myself that it was the same.

Minutes later an email comes into my inbox, annoucing an earthquake. FUN.

Next thing you know, the Times Union has a twitter feed of everyone talking about the earthquake on twitter. This is our news, folks. Take it or leave it.

After the experience, I realized that I just can’t escape the earthquakes. So, I guess I’ll move back to Cali one of these days. 🙂 Shucks!


One thought on “Ready To Rumble

  1. Gee Whiz, you get around this world of technology and you are good at it. Listen, I share your disturbance with earthquakes. I have traveled and lived in many many places, but California is pretty scary with the earthquakes. I was in a very important customer meeting in Palm Springs for a few days a number of years back…….it was early in the morning and I had waken up already and was procrastinating getting out of bed to go take the shower, etc. Well, when I tried to get out of bed I couldn’t. Noticed the walls were moving, the drapes were moving and the bed was moving across the hotel room along with the rest of the furniture……well I rolled off that bed and crawled out the exit….I had a room at the end of the hall on the ground floor…..well it was an earthquake, about a 5.5 centered about 40 miles southwest of palm springs. Not fun, peed my pj shorts, but stil made the meeting that day since no damage was really done other than scare everybody. I like California otherwise, spent a lot of time there. I might like Vancouver a little better…..needs more sun up there though.

    Getting closer to when I will be in your kneck of the woods. Should know next week, it will come up soon and lunch or dinner for you and yours is on me. Lots of things to talk about.

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