How is beating someone the only option you have?

Field of pinwheels, symbol for Child abuse awarenessAccording to this news story, men are permitted to beat their wife and children as long as they don’t leave marks.

[insert a very long silence here, and imagine me with my hand to my head]

Okay, wait.

Number one… how do you beat someone and NOT leave marks? I mean, do we need to define “beat” to these people? I don’t know maybe there’s a way.


Oh and yeah, according to the news report, you have to stop beating your kids once they reach puberty. But your wife? Oh, she’s okay to just keep beating, no prob, man.

Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “How is beating someone the only option you have?

  1. Oh, Tabby… This is what we have to talk about. Seriously. I can identify with this SO much you won’t believe this. Hope we can quit playing phone tag. 🙂

  2. It isn’t. Before Islam came, Arabs existed in a fiercely patriarchal society, where they were already beating their women and wives. This is because women were considered property at that time. When the verse was revealed concerning what people, for some odd reason now, see as “permission” to strike [lightly] – in horrible translations “beat” – your wife, it came with two additional injunctions to be carried out in sequential order: first to admonish them, then second, to separate from their beds, i.e. withhold sexual fulfillment and enjoyment. The whole point was to ingrain patience into the often times misogynistic men at the time, so that they would have time to quell their anger, as well as time for the couple to let go of their differences so that they could return to each other amicably. If the first two conditions were not met, then the third condition was deemed permissible, and it was only done so under the condition that the man strike the women lightly, so as to never leave marks on her, and only if the women persisted in “rebellion” for no legitimate reason. In other words, it was a form of emotional chastisement (allowed due the nature of the woman), brought about by physical action, and was never intended to harm the woman physically. In fact, the verses were revealed for completely the opposite reason. “Permissibility” is a last resort, and is not something men are “allowed” to do for simplistic and whimsical reasons.

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