All I Want for Christmas…

Today. 5 days before Christmas. I just realized that some teenagers will never experience another Christmas. I’m saddened to think that as I sit in my nice comfy (messy) cubicle, doing the daily grind, making money for the teens and tens in my life to have a wonderful Christmas experience, that some kids will never have that gooey winter holiday experience again.

I was watching a video released by the mother of a suicide victim of bullying, named Seth Walsh. . The video is here:

The thing that gripes me about this video is the patterns of humans who hurt. And how we humans want to put out that hurt. One comment piques my attention. When addressing several pro-bullying responses, a poster says, “What role did you play in Seth’s death?” In my opinion, this question is the question that will solve everything. Only I don’t think it needs to be only asked by pro-bullying supporters. I think everything in the world needs to think about it, deeply. What role DID you play in Seth’s death? If we all think deeply on this and find the human connection with the little boy who was so brave to come out of the closet at such a young age, and then die just to be true to himself forever, we might just be able to move the world and lessen the pain and hurt that humans want to cause others.

If you think deeply and find how YOU caused Seth’s death, and how you play a pivitol role in every suicide and in every homicide and in every person’s struggle, I imagine that suddenly the road to how you can solve these issues for you, personally, will be clear.

So I encourage all of my readers, today, to walk around today, thinking “What role did I play in Seth’s death?”. See how it changes you a bit.


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