What is Balance?

I’ve been thinking a lot about “balance” this week. I’ve had a lot of difficult decisions to make over the last three weeks due to a series of events that happened in January, and I’ve realized how much of my time and efforts I spend thinking about difficult decisions or dealing with emotions at arise from them.

I’ve been co-parenting for two months now. I have committed to be partially responsible for certain things for a 14 year old and a 10 year old. It’s been an amazing adventure for me and I really love it. Instant family is what some of my more cheeky friends are calling it. I’m learning so much about myself, other adults, and the world through this experience.

Shortly after that I went off into my own business and have been working to produce quality code for my clients and get everyone on a consistent schedule. For a few weeks everything was running smoothly, until we hit a bump and I feel as if its been in a slow slide since then.

So this week my mission was to find balance again and get moving on with my goals and my life and leave the drama where it belongs. I feel a bit like a hand-pushed lawnmower that takes a few times of pulling the string to start up.

My inbox is filled with newsletters I’ve signed up for. I get at least 10 a day. I read at least half of them and the others I only read if the subject catches my eye. There’s once newsletter that I get that I always read now, from a company called “Savor the Success“, a premier business network for entrepreneurs owned by a woman by the name of Angela Jia Kim. And in watching the latest youtube video in the newsletter, I saw one from the past that caught my attention that talked about balancing work and life. So I watched that one, and I haven’t felt this inspired all week so I thought I’d take the time out really quick to capture the inspiration in a blog post so as to remind myself of the moment I felt inspired… a way I use to motivate me forward.

So I thought I’d share the video with everyone else!

The reason why this felt so inspiring to me was because I loved the concept of work/life integration and have been considering the question of what if I’m wrong that any balance needs to be achieved? What if I am better off just accepting life as it is and working with what I’ve got? In my own organization (or attempt to do so) attempts, I started working with Google Calendar, assigning all of my clients a calendar so I can keep track of proposed due dates and hard due dates, etc. So far its been okay, although a bit time consuming to use.

By the way, I’m not a premium member of “Savor the Success” yet, but as soon as I can get steady on my feet I will be signing up. It is an inspiring series that has a promising and active group of women. I’d love to meet up with Angela some day. I’m also really impressed with what I see of her husband’s involvement in her life and her companies.

Either way, I’m inspired, and I hope some of you feel inspired too.



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