O Love In All It’s Glory

Scott Jones and  Alexandra Thomas

Rich Lam/Getty Images

This week I have been exploring “Love” and what it means to me. I realized that Love was the single most important thing to me, and I decided to figure out a little more about it. It was initially inspired by seeing the photo taken by Rich Lam, a freelance photographer, during the Vancouver Riots of Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas. The photo invoked a feeling of fear and somewhat of a muted reality for me, when I saw it. It was beautiful. Surreal. I realized in that moment that the safety of those two people were so important to me. I cared so deeply. It invoked this intense feeling of love and affection for humanity… even if I was upset and concerned that just a block away, my friend’s car was sitting and burning; a juxtaposition of humanity and its worst and best.

So, I have been considering the thoughts of love and affection. The way that I experience love is that there is something like a deep vulnerable feeling that I feel. It’s a feeling that this connection, this love, that I have is too much or it’s going to have some deep effect. It’s this amazing feeling that I care, deeply, for all things. It seems, though, that I only get a sliver of this feeling… every now and then. It’s not something that I can feel all of the time, though– not yet, at least. I imagine that that is what enlightenment would feel like, but what do I know?

I had an experience last night, in Troy. I was stopped at a Stewarts after a night at the Daily Grind. There was a man, lurking in the corner. I knew he was going to ask for money. I felt scared, as I usually do. I went into Stewarts and came back, and that’s when he asked, “Excuse me, I just got out of Albany Memorial Hos…” and everything faded. I was so scared… I barely even remember what he said. I was even too scared to respond. I thought about it… and I realized that it’s not the fear that he will hurt me, it’s the fear that I would love even him, and what that means if that’s true. I wouldn’t want to exchange love for integrity, and yet I do this all of the time. I pretend that my love buys integrity.

Anyway, this photo, if anything, has helped me to reflect on caring for someone, through fear. It has opened my own eyes to a world beyond me and my immediate friends and environment. When I saw Scott and Alexandra, I felt as if I cared for them and their well-being. Now, I am looking out into the world and wondering who else I might care for as deeply.

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2 thoughts on “O Love In All It’s Glory

  1. With much of what you said, love is equated to only a feeling. I beg to differ, for love is as much of an action as it is a feeling. Sometimes, it is a selfless action from one person towards another and the emotions are somewhere, way behind espying eyes.

  2. I think that there is definitely a transcendent state of being, and that is love. It’s a recognition of the world and how it all fits together, a deep understanding of responsibility for all things. I don’t think that that’s how the majority of the western world thinks of it though. On the surface, for a large portion of our populace, it’s what you feel when you think of the person you’re dating, what you feel when someone does nice things, what you feel when you see someone doing something destructive, etc. On the surface, we begin to recognize love as a feeling and I don’t know if others go much further with that…. enough to see the transcendent nature of the deep responsibility of LOVE and what it means for the world.

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