Okay I’m just gonna give someone a free website idea…

NASA via Ron Garan/@Astro_Ron

NASA via Ron Garan/@Astro_Ron

I wish that news sites were more like bug-tracking tickets. Let me explain. It is impossible, it seems, to be able to look up the effects of Hurricane-now-tropical-storm Irene on a more global picture. What is up with that? I want to see a news site that carries each and every news story all the way out until the story itself has been resolved. It should categorize the news in order of object levels of catastrophe or good news, and it should allow for people to mark as resolved once whatever the storyline has been resolved. Maybe that’s never, but at least we’d know. I want to see it happen with all news, from the little boy who got lost to disaster striking. I’d like to then see each news story show a #tag any time.

We’re in the age of curation, yet finding out news after the American people have forgotten about it and it’s not selling papers any more has been an excruciating process. If I want to know about Bennington, Vermont, even though our local paper reported on Bennington in the initial details of the hurricane, I have to track that news story down. Surely, with all of the tagging being done and our keyword engines, someone can build a smart auto-generating news feed that automatically creates stories when I new story hits and then any additional information about that story gets added on as a new section near the top.

I foresee this being a global tool that newspaper websites can utilize and use the #tagnumber to help out the engine to grab the content. Curating news sites into a massively large news-site would be an amazing experience. If you then made that into a self-adjusting social network, someone could make big dollars.

Perhaps that’s already out there. If so, let me know so I can freaking USE it. I do not want to search across the web to find out what’s happening post-Irene. But I will, because it’s just that important to me. Also, where are the Katrina victims now? What is happening with the relief efforts there? Are they 100% restored? What’s happening with the 9/11 firefighters who aren’t invited to the memorial? Is there any social movement happening with that? Why can’t I easily find out this information in our day and age of technology.

Now, if someone takes my idea and runs with it, great, throw me a bone if you get rich. 😉


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