The Art of Moving, The Trilogy: Prelude

This weekend marked my 66th Change of Address. It’s amazing to me that a human, 32 years of age, can be as nomadic as I have been all of my life, but it’s true. I started counting when I was 10. I moved from Texas to Hawaii with my (now ex) step-father, my mother, and my two brothers. That’s when I noticed that I had, indeed, moved a lot. With the help of my mother, we identified all of the addresses that I have had over my life-time and came up with 33 addresses. By that age, I had also attended 6 schools. Now, the school count has been holding steady for several years (post-college) at 32.

I know moving. I know what it takes to move at the absolute minimum. I know who to call, how close to move-in I need to make those calls, and how to get my stuff to where it needs to be, efficiently.

Helena and I recently made the cross-country move to California, from New York. I cannot express what a wonderful decision this was. We knew it would be a good idea but we couldn’t really predict how good it would be for our relationship until we got here and noticed that we just related differently with each other.

This is not  an article on relationships, but I think it’s something worth mentioning.

I’ve decided to settle here. If I only move two or three more times in the next twenty years, that would be great. We want to move to a three-bedroom apartment once we have a kid in a couple of years, and we’re hoping to stay there while we save up for a house. Our goal is to be in a house in 5-7 years from now. And we’re hoping to make this our last move. But who knows.

So, as a tribute to my life and all I’ve learned, I thought a fun little segment I could add to my blog is all about the places I’ve lived, what I liked about them, what I hated, and some of my favorite memories; a little game to help me “get in touch with my feelings.”

For now, where we live marks the beginning of us starting our life and taking more ownership over what we want with our future. If it all goes my way, we’ll have children, a dog, a cat, and I can still sip on a mocha. But there’s a huge long road from here to there. I really want to start documenting all of this.  This new little section on my blog shall be called “Path to My Dreams.” Or something. I’ll figure it out.

So, hopefully more blogging from me. I’ll set a timer.

Ciao for now. Or Tchau, depending on what country you’re from.

love to the peeps. xoxox,



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