The Power of Parker

How one little boy changed my life, forever.

It was the classic superhero story. Someone with a dual identity – one part regular ol’ human, one part phenomenal powers to defeat evils before anyone even knew they existed. This superhero was Parker — regular ol’ human who had the super-power of helping people to appreciate their life and to learn to love and be compassionate, even when it seemed impossible.

Parker came to my attention when a video was released on YouTube by Ward Bingham, a great man who created a great idea called “Mondonation.” The video was a beautiful fund raising idea that launched a great big huge deal within the fan community of Smallville. Ward and Kendra Voth, of Girls by Design, asked Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk, actresses on Smallville, to donate their autographs to a special fundraiser to help a kid celebrate what was supposed to be his last Christmas. As you can see in this video, the contest called for the contestants to upload videos describing why he or she believes in Superheroes. The entry fee was $10.00, but there was no formal internet-ey way to collect the entry fee. This is where I got involved. I had a paypal account that was primarily used to support fundraising efforts for a fansite I created as a senior project for university. This fansite was built for a wonderful community of people who all had one thing in common, an appreciation for the actress Allison Mack. Each year, for  her birthday, we would collect a donated amount of money and send it in to a charity on her behalf. For the most part, these charities involved something to do with working with children. This time, I volunteered my paypal account to collect entry fees on videos to give to one child. It was definitely different.

This fundraising event changed so many things about both my experience as a human and my experience within our community of “fans.”

After I donated the use of my PayPal account to collect funds, another generous person offered to pay each videos entry fee, allowing for anyone to create a video and upload it. In addition to that, another generous person offered to match the entry fee and add 5.00 for each video. Because of these generous and amazing people, more than 30 videos were uploaded to support this cause. Some people didn’t even upload a video but instead, donated money to the cause. The donations came from fans and professionals within the entertainment industry, alike, and it was truly an amazing display of humanity when, on the deadline day when the video challenge was completed, we had nearly 5,000 dollars in donations to send to Parker’s mother for his last Christmas.

This experience was the beginning of a transformation within me. Not only had I been able to be involved in such a beautiful idea, but I was also able to reach out to people far beyond my previous gateway and make connections with some of the most amazing people in the whole world, today. It was through this experience that I was privileged enough to become friends with Allison Mack, herself, and work closely with her on her website and on both her goals and my own ambitions. I was able to meet and work with Kristin and Kendra, as we developed the original ideas for “Girls by Design” website.  I was able to meet and befriend Ward, and several other people who would later play major roles in my self-awareness and path to build a more compassionate and consistent me.

It was this one experience with this one boy that shed light on my own sense of purpose and presence of mind, for me to be able to lift myself up by the boot straps and walk into life, head held high, ready to love the hell out of anything that came my way.

I also was privileged to spend some time with Parker, before his human side with his human weaknesses failed. Parker knew himself and he knew what he wanted. He wasn’t afraid to ask for it, and he wasn’t about to take “No” for an answer, either. This attitude on life was inspiring for me and helped set me in the direction I wanted to go in… a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for help in getting there.

Parker enjoyed that Christmas. He enjoyed it so much that he decided he needed just one more Christmas before he had to go. Even though Parker is no longer with us, this experience will stay with me forever, and his life and his death will always be a lesson in humanity for me. The lesson was that there is no humanity if it doesn’t start from within. I must create the humanity in the world, and start it like a spark starts a forest fire. Eventually it catches on and I notice more and more and more of it. The Spark of Humanity is really a beautiful thing to watch spread throughout the globe. This experience with Parker was just that… a fast-moving forest fire of compassion and love for fellow humans.

It’s what I seek in this world. Love. Humanity. Expression.

I say, Bring it Sister.


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