So, I’m at it again. Trying to shed those pounds. I’ve hired a personal trainer and will bring to you the home-made movies telling the tale of me losing weight and what I’m doing and how I’m doing. Join me. Comment. Encourage. Tell me your story, and let’s make this a beautiful experience. Because there will be days when I will need the inspiration.




Beginning of the End – My New Weight-loss VLOGS

23 thoughts on “Beginning of the End – My New Weight-loss VLOGS

  1. You can do it Tabby!!!!!!!!

    I need to lose all the baby weight too, but hopefully I’ll get more motivated once we’re in Spain.

    Anyway, good luckkkkk, I can yell at you to get things done if you need 😀 I’m good at yelling! muahaha love ya!

  2. By the way it will be a good kind of pain, maybe not during the actual work out, but definitely even right after! Also, the nutrition part may suck at first but the more you do it the easier it gets, but just a warning that it’s very very very very VERY easy to relapse!!! with me I think it’s almost like an addiction, I can’t just have one can of pop, I need more and more! but that’s just me, it’s different with everyone! goood luck tabs!!!!

    ps. I think it’s GREAT you’re getting healthier!

  3. I was SOOO scared just to even send the email out to my friends and family. I was fine setting it up but the minute I got the confirmation that it sent, i was SO scared. :-/ I think you’re probably right, Lisbeth. Once I get why I think its so scary, I think it’ll be better for me.

  4. The thing that comes up for me is that it felt like it’s the only thing I could *really* control and have my own say over. It is like this intense dependency to defiance. The best way to stay “oblivious” and to make excuses for what I do.

  5. It’s funny that a link to a Dr. Oz video appeared as soon as your video ended because my wife couldn’t lose any weight at all until she started Dr. Oz’s diet. Last I heard, she had lost 70 pounds without having to resort to exercise. Everyone’s weight loss journey seems to be a personal one so you have to find out what works for you. A healthy self love seems to be the root of most lasting success stories I’ve heard and the method of loss seems secondary. And the reason to lose shouldn’t be about how you feel you look or other people’s standards, but about what is physically healthy for you. Even if people love you when you are obese just means you need to lose weight so they will have the opportunity to love you longer … because the extra weight can significantly shorten your life … and your quality of life. My wife didn’t like to get up to do for herself and that, in part, led to her being unable to get up even when she wanted to. The extra weight takes its toll on your knees and hip joints and makes activity painful … which in turn can lead to more inactivity and more weight gain. I wish you all the best in your efforts. Let what happens happen and don’t beat yourself up about any perceived setbacks along the way. Take Care.

  6. I’ve lost 70pounds since may. Just eating less and doing more. Started out just walking until felt ready for the gym. The whole thing is a mind set game. If you really want this you will get it. Ideally I’d like to lose another 60pound but my main target is 100 at the moment. Best of luck. We can do it!

  7. GO TABBY GO!!! I know you can push through your fear! I don’t know if you have heard this before, but FEAR is False Evidence’s Appearing Real. Kathy Bates plays a character in Ambulance Girl (on video) where in her “speech for her new job” she compared fear to a hologram (I wish I had the “” with me, it looks real, but when you go through it you find it empty. Those are not the exact words! She was scared to learn to be an EMT, Said to her boss, I want to quit I can’t do this (not exact words) but she did it! I hope this helps! I will be praying for you!

    Margaret (Meg)

  8. You can do it Tabby! Whenever the fear sets in, just remember that you’re doing it for you, and remember all the reasons why you want to do it,
    and if that doesn’t work you’ve always got all of us to back you up!

  9. A very touching video. All the best along your journey. Please keep letting us know each time you update, via video or blogging. I’m struggling with weight gain too this year, for several reasons. Am interested to see how your journey unfolds. 🙂

  10. It’s great to hear from you Tabby. Huntington Beach is a great location. Hope you are having fun there. I know you can achieve your goal. You have the tools. Love, Jim.

  11. I think that you said exactly what I want to change about myself… and not out of self-loathe, but WITH self-love. I don’t want exercise to be something I feel I have to “resort” to. i want it to be something I do because it’s good for me to do and it makes me stronger, physically and mentally.

    I think I’ve come pretty far. I still have work to do. Three years ago, Helena once asked me to walk in Washington Park, in Albany. I said “no” because I didn’t want to walk that much. Now, I would jump at that opportunity. Now, I’m biking to work and around town. It feels good to look back and see how far I’ve come but it’s also an experience that is good for me to realize the journey ahead and to push forward.

  12. Thank you, Meg! I appreciate that. Yes, I’ve heard that phrase before! Maybe from you? LOL. Kathy Bates is great. I’ve spent the last three years working out various fears, and there’s still more there but nothing that’s stopping me now.

  13. Thank you for the solid belief in me, Jim! I will keep you informed and use the tools both emotionally and physically available to me. It’s really a life-cycle for me. I needed to just get into a situation where I appreciated the value I bring as a developer, so I could do the work it would take to earn the money it would take to hire the trainers it takes to push me on all sides of my issues. Without me appreciating the value that I bring into the world, and how I can effect myself and the world with what I’ve trained to do and why I even choose this profession, I am not sure i’d be in this place, to take these steps.

  14. Hi Tabby I’m somewhat familiar with you from the GBD blog 🙂 I wish you the best of luck on this journey, you can do it! I think it’s great that your reasons to lose the weight come from a place of such love, and because of that you’re going to lose the weight, be an awesome mom, and a healthier person!

  15. First target is to lose a total of 100 pounds. I’m 28lbs away from that. Ideally I think I need to lose 140 in total. It’s all baby steps in part of a long long journey. Come july 2012 I’ll hopefully be where I want to or close. Just so into it now it’s weird. Dreading Xmas tho!

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