Week two, exploring my eating patterns as a kid and an update with my first week on this journey.


Weight Loss VLOGS Week 2

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss VLOGS Week 2

  1. Good job, Tabby! I’m looking forward to learning about your next goals (ie. after the measurement). Oh, and is the personal trainer at a gym?

  2. Excellent first week. I like it the most toward the end where u indicate ur going to do it this time……sounds very much like u r rather than ur trying to convince urself ur. Many kudos to that. For me, its one thing about learning about the nutrition, but then u have to practice it……….and for me it has been the little reminders to keep me on track (like don’t eat a portion that won’t fit in the palm of your hand, snap that rubber band on ur wrist when cravings come, maintain common sense)……..and to push myself, even tho I try to say I am too tired, to get on the treadmill, or go for a bike ride, and get my half hour of cardio. You can do it, I know u can. 93 llbs now for me, with 79 more to go. StanTheMan

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