Snackity Snack – Don’t eat that!

On the search for food’s that are good for me! I’ve never been so food-focused in my life and let me just say, I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable for me to think about food all of the time. Nearly my entire life, I’ve eaten when its convenient, not when I needed to. So, I’d have maybe 2 large (high calorie) meals a day (half a pizza, McDonalds meals, taco bell, cheesy pasta, Olive Garden, etc) because OMGIMSUDDENLYSTARVING. Now I’ve got to eat every three hours and its FREAKING HARD. Seriously. Hard.

Anyway, so I went to the Google Gods and I asked for them to rain down on me the gift of good snacks. Lo! And Behold! A website appeared! This One, to be exact. And now I feel so much more equipped with great ideas and even the calorie counts beside them so I can easily cut that out. I’m going to break down these snacks and order them by ingredients and then pick three of similar ingredients per week and rotate. Hey, just because I am finally dedicated to getting healthy doesn’t mean I don’t have a grocery budget!

Tonight, I’m getting my base measurements for my body, except my weight. I need to buy an amazing scale this weekend to measure my weight. Any scale-suggestions would rock.


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