The Beginning of the End – Week 4

Howdy! I’ve uploaded my week four video and am excited to share it with you all! Feel free to comment, favorite, share, etc. I’m seeking to hold myself accountable through all this and to inspire. Let it be!


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End – Week 4

  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious 🙂 One thing I would like to share out of hard won experience – what I eat today doesn’t necessarily show up tomorrow. I find that thinking on longer time scales helps me better than anticipating what my numbers will be tomorrow. That may be a long winded way to say ‘look at the trend, not the individual peaks and valleys’.

    I love the idea of these video self-documentaries. Brava!

  2. Tabby, you are an inspiration… much so that the other day, I was not going to go to the gym….and I thought of you… soon

  3. how are you doing? get through xmas & new year ok? i had a mini break but didn’t put on any weight. at 80lbs lost now. 40 more by the summer is my target.

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