Freedom for All

While the majority of my posts are advocating for LGBT equality or for a change in the way children are treated, my goal is the same amongst all humans. No human should endure atrocities from their government. All of us should be free and equal.

On this vein there are so many different artifacts I could show you, but I will pick the latest one that I saw. So I share it with you, and in turn, you share it with others, and so on. Here is the video called “I Am A Ukranian:”


One thought on “Freedom for All

  1. Tabby – My fathers side of our family is 100% Ukrainian. I have been following this for quite some time. I have put this video on both my USA and VK (European Facebook) pages.

    Unfortunately, the United States Government had a chance to short circuit this unrest in the Ukraine, but appears may have turned a blind eye. Complicated State Department positioning most likely.

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