A Whole New World

Alright. I admit it. I like food. I love food. No… I ADORE food. There. I said it. It’s taken me about 34 years to admit that food is my best friend. It rarely lets me down. I feel comforted by it frequently and, it keeps me living. Score.

See, I grew up in Poorville, Poortucky and the types of food I was exposed to as a youngster was… well, it was not what I eat today. There was no such thing as ‘Organic’ and fresh salads were a commodity. Most of the things I ate either came in cardboard or tin. And of course, most of the veggies that I did attempt were totally disgusting, even though that’s just about the only thing I was ever offered by way of … gross things.

Through my mid-twenties, I started to go down this journey where I attempted to examine my relationship with food and how it held me back and contributed to my obesity. That takes a lot of work, but what takes more work than that is to defy that journey and pretend like it doesn’t exist.

So, I’ve finally arrived! My journey is now beginning because I made a wonderful realization… recognizing my relationship with food seemed to mean, at the time, that I would need to make food my enemy. I was SO SO WRONG! What I’ve now discovered is that the best route I can possibly go is to make it my best friend.

Okay, not to sound like a total loser who doesn’t have any friends, and because hyperbole is my cousin, I realized that this might sound odd for some people. And maybe not-so-odd for others.

So, what has caused my hallelujah moment? By the way, I really wish that “hallelujah” was a palindrome. That would make it an even better moment. The day that I first laid eyes on the website for Blue Apron. No, this is not a sponsored post. I’m really very serious about this.

One of my biggest excuses for eating out all of the time was that I just simply never had time to grocery shop and meal planning just seemed like a pain in the ass. These were pretty tight excuses for me. But, this website blew my two major excuses out of the water. I felt as if I had really no logical choice but to sign up and see what would happen.

As it turns out, those excuses really were the two big things stopping me from eating at home more often. Because, boy did I take to it. I’ve now been a member for several months and I get sad on days when I can’t get home in time to cook my dinner. I’m a really in love with making these delicious and healthy meals for myself.

Here are some examples of meals I’ve made.





I don’t always take pictures of my food, but when I do… I try to make them EPIC pictures. 🙂


So, I always have this wonderful intent to blog more often. So maybe you’ll read more posts about food. Life-sustaining source and all. Good night folks. I’m here all week.


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