A list of changes I’ve made

Sometimes I just get to the point where I realize that things aren’t working the way I’m doing them and I must do something different to see results. So here’s a list of things I’ve changed significantly in the last year:

  • Self-Relationship
    • Positive Self-Talk (this seems silly but its very helpful)
    • Minimizing self-punishment
    • Acknowledge what I really want
    • Exercising Regularly
    • Floss Regularly
  • Food (For some of these, I will occasionally partake, depending on the situation and whether or not I am concerned it will trigger my additive behaviors to return)
    • No more cream in my coffee
    • No more soda, diet or regular
    • No more canned food
    • No more ‘white’ bread
    • Cooking dinner more often than going out to dinner
  • Relationships
    • No more hierarchies in my close-knit relationships
    • Distinguishing the difference between people in my life and how they relate to me and what kind of energy I’ll put into our relationships
    • Be very grateful
  • Free-lance Work
    • No more freebies (still working on this, actually)
    • Minimize ‘exchanges’ and bartering
    • Understand the value I bring to an hour
    • Be very grateful
  • Professional Career
    • Schedule Everything
    • Document Everything
    • Follow-up all of the time
    • Advocate for myself
    • Be very grateful

Things I’m still working on in the present time:

  • Personal Finances
  • High-protein; low carbs (this is the darndest thing)

I think its important to acknowledge how far I’ve come. Six years ago or so, when I was running low on money, I would flee to the store and purchase boxes of Mac N Cheese, pouches of Ramen Noodles and some canned veggies or soups. Just the other day I was low on funds and the conveyor belt held bananas, broccoli and eggs. I’ve come so far from my previous way of life and previous thought-process that it’s sometimes unbelievable. It was hard work, and I’m happy with the direction I’m going.

Any lists you’d like to share about what you’ve accomplished or are working on?

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