More Changes!

Autumn is here! It is one of the only seasons that is marked by a sudden and drastic change in the weather in all of the states and countries that I have lived in. It’s such an evident experience of ‘change’ that it reminded me to come and update everyone on my personal change log. It’s been a while!

I’ve been drinking way less caffeine. Like, 8oz a day. This is a completely different thing for me. I love to be known for my caffeine intake. I really do. But, it’s doing cray things to my body and it’s not good. So I’m drinking lots more tea and a TON of water. Like, I go through six gallons of water every week. And that’s just the water I drink at home.

I’m eating out way less. I still have weekend issues but during the week I’m pretty much at home. This is very big for me as well! I prefer to have others cook for me. But, here I am, doin’ it for mah-self!

I’m horticulturing. I think this is probably  more of my feminine side coming out but I’ve got actual real live flowers and stuff.


I’m keeping my house clean. This has been a skill long in the making. I used to be a defiant chick and had control issues opposite of what you would typically think of… my environment had to be messy and out of control all of the time. Over the last six years, this has slowly changed and now I’m actually doing housework and such. So weird.

I’m taking vitamins. I used to never take those. Now I am.


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