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Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Last night I had a dream that perfectly describes my own life-long struggle. To live in the city or the country, that is the question.

I dreamed that my entire family suddenly became jobless and we all decided to move together to San Diego (though the maps looked more convoluted like San Francisco). My mother was initially there but she morphed into my beloved grandmother. I remember showing different styles of apartments to my grandmother and asking her which place she’d like to live. One set was a more urban area with shopping and coffee shops within a block. Things are easier to get to and fun. The other set of apartments was in a sprawled country area where you’d have to drive or walk a long distance to get to any of these sorts of things. I woke up before she decided and I realized that, as a 35 year old, I still do not have the answer to this.

That’s why I like living where I live now. It’s residential enough to walk to different neighborhoods and have parks and recreation but the shops and stores are still within an easy walking distance from me.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the type of person to prefer one type of housing over the other. I feel perfectly at home in a secluded country cottage as I do in the middle of Brooklyn.

What type of area do you prefer to live in?


2 thoughts on “Town Mouse and Country Mouse”

  1. I prefer living in the country. The city is too busy/noisy/crowded for me.
    Going to the city for work is enough. 🙂

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