The Kindness of Strangers, Again

Today was apparently my lucky day. Actually this whole damn week was pretty lucky for me, which is cool since it was St. Patty’s day celebrations and luck was being wished all around. I had a week of mostly green lights while driving to and from work AND had some actually awesome accomplishments at work as well. But today was very lucky. You see, when I first moved out to Irvine, I had nothing. Well, barely anything at least. I didn’t have a couch or any seating surfaces. I didn’t have a table. The only thing I really had was a bed and a REALLY cheap ikea … thing … that has two shelves and could hold a glass of water on it for night time.

Over the course of the year and a half, I’ve acquired a few things. And luck won out many times. For instance, one time, I was shopping at Ikea for dressers. After walking around for hours, determining if it was something I should spend money on, I decided that it wasn’t and headed out to my friend’s house to pick up something from her. And that’s when I walked into her disaster of a house as her and her husband were putting new furniture together for her bedroom. “You want some old bedroom furniture?” I did NOT turn that down. It was an actual bedroom set. Like… things that matched. With the same handles and everything. I scored a chest of drawers, lengerie drawer thingy, and two tall nightstands with that drop. Sweet deal. I have good friends.

Well, today I showed up at the dog park, like I do on some Sundays, playing with Jackson. There was someone there that Jackson had taken a liking to (like that’s hard) and the guy was asking around if anyone wanted a bed set. It piqued my interest. Eventually I followed him and his wife and daughter to his pick-up truck and low and behold, there was a massively large headboard and footboard there. And wouldn’t you know it… it was nearly a perfect match to the dresser and nightstands I had gotten from my other friend!

Not really knowing how I would rearrange my room to fit my new bed, I agreed to take it and they dropped it off at my house. What a kind thing for him to do. He was going to take it to the GoodWill, but instead gave it to me. He sacrificed his precious GoodWill donation receipt for a perfect stranger!

Anyway, I hope that I haven’t used up my luck potion just yet. I have a few more things this quarter where I could use a drop or two. But in the mean time, I have some logistics to figure out regarding just how I am going to re-arrange my room and my apartment to fit this colossal thing.

Here’s some pictures, in case you didn’t believe me. The headboard is LITERALLY taller than me. That’s damn tall. But, also, awesome.


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