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Breakfast Day 2015

Today is breakfast day! It’s also April Fool’s day. But mostly, for me, it’s breakfast day. It’s a personal holiday that I’ve established and am trying to share with the world as a day to reflect your loved ones, living and passed.

It all started with the passing of my Grandmother. She was a very important and influential woman in my life and I wanted to find a way to honor her memory and honor the beautiful things that she passed on to me. So, rather than feeling sad every April 1st, I created this celebration with the intent to share memories and share experiences with each other about people we love. So, I invite people to eat breakfast. It doesn’t have to be breakfast at breakfast time. It could be breakfast at any time. But breakfast. Why? Cooking breakfast was one wonderful thing that my grandmother did for us. Any time we were with her, she cooked us the most elaborate breakfast complete with bacon and eggs and pancakes. This was her thing and she loved cooking breakfast for her guests. So, I pass her love on to others as we share our memories together.

Today, I shared my experience with my entire Diversity Development Program group! We shared bagels and coffee together. It was such a great feeling to be able to share my day with new people and they all loved the idea. My hope is that next April 1st, they will share this time with others as well, or in the very least, give a little thought about Breakfast Day and their loved ones.

So, today, grab your traditional breakfast and take a bite, and reflect on those who really have a wonderful influence in your life, whom you love and respect, both living and passed. Let me know how it goes!

With love,



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