“Prelude to Success” is a blog about the journey of a new entrepreneur, a software engineer, and a woman. The content on this blog is intended to tell a personal journey to creating a successful and ethical business, and to sharing ideas with regards to agile business practices and software developments.

About the Author

Tabitha Chapman (a.k.a Tabby) is a software engineer/web developer with a passion for positive publicity. She has been working for various companies in the Los Angeles area as a software engineer and web developer, and founded “Prestige Interactive Network” in January, 2007. Her work spans across advertising agencies, software development/consulting firms, lead generation companies, and social networking corporations.

About Prestige Interactive Network

Prestige Interactive Network is an online public relations company, specializing in sculpting the online web presence of each client in an ethical and passionate way.

Our services range from building and maintaining websites and personal profiles on social networks. We are dedicated to bringing further recognition and prestige to our clients, and enabling the best possible interactive experience for them on the Internet.

Prestige is dedicated to building a positive reputation using tools ranging from building small shopping cart sites to official sites for producers, writers, and actors, as well as unofficial sites for Internet fans to create communities and connect to each other over common themes.


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